Discover the hidden beauty of The Kingdom of the Winds. Enter a virtual world. Begin by learning how to survive; you may end by becoming a deity.

Do arcane mysteries entice you? Or poetic stories? What of donning stunning platemail and hefting up the sword nearly lost from beneath the waves of human consciousness? Or is it simply the riches and awesome artifacts you wish to behold? Allow the winds of your imagination to rise up.

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Yuri, king of Koguryo, was troubled by uncertainty. For he knew not whether a neighboring despot would feel the hunger for Koguryo's soil. He had a son, though: M'hul. He, indeed, mastered the rulers that had lusted for the territory.

I can remember the blacksmith's shop buzzing with what the now "Great Emperor" M'hul had done. He battled the dragon turtle. He held council with the atavistic seeming Lord of each of the great animals. A seaman had remarked that all the merchants from the other lands had looked in wonder at Koguryo. For Koguryo had become mighty and all of its inhabitants wealthy. Whereso blow the winds, with it the legend follows.

The scruffy-headed man cocked an eyebrow, "Sit down and listen."

"This land that we live upon is the source of all sustenance. From it the creatures live and die. All creatures do so. Harness it, and you'll be on your way to great things."

"If you find yourself in that precarious state of having been beaten and slaughtered by whatever, the legend has not necessarily ended. You may, perhaps, coax one of the old shamans toward the East or West gate. She can see the dead. Beware of her; but if you're a spirit with no means of affecting the world she may remedy that."